431px-Serban Foarta 2 (cropped)

Photo: Lucian Daniliuc

Șerban (Nicolae) Foarță
(born on 8 July 1942, Turnu Severin) is a contemporary Romanian writer. In spite of also being a translator, essayist, playwright, prose writer and even illustrator, he is most widely known for his poetry books. Described by the critic Nicolae Manolescu as "the only major mannerist of our literature", Foarță is far from imitating the imagery of Baroque/mannerist poetry, drawing cues from many other influences and often using citations, pastiches, allusions, cultural references, puns. He has also practiced extensively constrained writing techniques, having been often compared with the French writers of Oulipo (including Georges Perec, who was translated in Romanian by Foarță himself). He has recently published his only volume of poetry written in French, abc d'air (ABC of the Air).