Photo: Cato Lein

Claudiu Komartin
(b. 7 August 1983, Bucharest) is a contemporary Romanian poet, journalist, translator and editor. His debut volume, Păpușarul și alte insomnii (2003), received the National Poetry Award Mihai Eminescu ”Opera Prima” and the debut award of România literară. The next volume, circul domestic, published in 2005 at Cartea Românească, received the poetry award of the Romanian Academy. Besides an anthology in German published in 2012 (Und wir werden die Maschinen für uns weinen lassen), several of his poems were translated in over 10 other languages. He is known as the editor-in-chief of the publishing house Max Blecher, the coordonator of the literary circle Institutul Blecher, the coauthor (with Radu Vancu) of the annual anthologies Cele mai frumoase poeme and the chief editor of the multilingual magazine Poesis Internațional. He is one of the poets who Marin Mincu wanted to introduce in the second volume of Generația 2000, which was, however, not done before Mincu's death; some of his poems are featured though in a more recent anthology of the 2000's generation, Compania poeților tineri.