Photo: Casa de Pariuri Literare

Constantin Acosmei
(b. 1972, Târgu Neamț) is a contemporary Romanian poet. The fourth edition of his only volume, Jucăria mortului (Dead Man's Toy), first published in 1995, was prefaced by Daniel Cristea-Enache and published in 2012, circulating wider than the previous editions. He is also present in several anthologies, such as oZone friendly (2002), Nasturi în lanul de porumb (2008), Poezia antiutopică (2010), Compania poeților tineri (2011), Noua poezie nouă (2011), also including translated ones: Of Gentle Wolves: An Anthology of Romanian Poetry (Martin Woodside), Calypso Editions, 2011; The Vanishing Point that Whistles. An Anthology of Contemporary Romanian Poetry, ed. Paul Doru Mugur, Adam J. Sorkin și Claudia Serea, Talisman House, 2011.